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Matthew 15:13; Matthew 13:25-26; Proverbs 20:27; The human spirit is the lamp of the LORD
that sheds light on one’s inmost being.

The devil hate anything called light because he is the chief of darkness and his mission is to pollute man spirit so that he can control and attack. Your spirit is the light of God which He uses to direct and connect to you. There are many people who’s spiritual light is off so they find it difficult to hear and know God.

Has a born again Christian you must always set your spirit on fire, empower your spirit so that your spirit man will be alive. A dead spirit is a dead walking man.

Jeremiah 2:21; Jeremiah 17:8 Psalm 1:3

Yet I had planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed: how then art thou turned into the degenerate plant of a strange vine unto me?

Your creation was well planed by God so that you will live a fruitful and fulfilling life, no set backs, no sickness, no pain, no poverty, etc. But because satan hate to see the child of God making the headline in life he polluted to light of God in man so that man will be like him.


  1. You become spiritual dry.
  2. You become spiritual dehydrated. When someone is dehydrated, the person experience fatigue and weakness. Many Christians are spiritual fatigue, weak tired and slow. They are not getting spiritual watering to keep them going.
  3. Lack of self-control. Such Christians goes with any flow of life.
  4. Contagious to others and people who come in contact with you, you stand high chance of polluting and influencing them too.
  5. Fornicate with anything on the street.
  6. You see sin has right and see right has wrong, why because your spirit light of God has been turn upside down by the devil.
  7. You hate the truth and run away from correction.
  8. You have appetite for worldly things more than Godly living. Such Christians support the persecution of the Churches, Pastors, talk bad about God etc.
  9. You flow with SIN more than righteousness.
  10. You feel God is very far from you.
  11. You give up very soon in the things of God.
  12. Anytime you feel to comfortable with unbelievers, check your spiritual level.

Let look at how the enemy pollute our spirit.

Isaiah 29:8; Psalm 69:21,22,23-25; Psalm 73:20;

As a dream when one awaketh; so, O Lord, when thou awakest,
thou shalt despise their image.

Images and pictures are volumes of things God and the devil are speaking to you. Any dream you get you have 24 hours to deal with it be it positive or negative, if you don’t deal with it the positive once will not manifest because the devil will fight it, so as also if you don’t stop the negative one it will manifest.

The most commonest way he uses is through our dreams, that what ever you dream must be taken serious because your dream speaks a lot about your day life. Few dreams when you have them you must know spiritual pollution is at it pick on your life.

When you dream and wake up with pain in your body just know that you have been beating, chased, fought, attacked in the dream. You must ask the Holy Spirit to restore your strength and empower you to stand. Just know that any dream of eating and drinking are all satanic blood and human flesh. Such dreams means you have been initiated into miled or shallow witchcraft. Such spirit makes you hate any good things that comes you way. The difference between Godly and Satanic dream is, Godly dreams are calm, no fear, no chasing, beating etc, while Satanic dream is the opposite. Any sickness or disease doctors cant treat is a dream pollution or evil arrow.

  1. Eating in the dream, meat, chicken, port etc, are all human flesh
  2. Sex in the dream, when you see Dog, snake, pig, rat are all sexual pollution.
  3. Dream of dirty money or coins, spirit of poverty.
  4. Dream of wearing dirty cloths, shoes, wig.
  5. Shaved hair.
  6. Nakedness
  7. bear foot
  8. Uncompleted building.
  9. Seeing snake/s.
  10. old school, old village, old fathers house etc
  11. People chasing you.
  12. Toilet
  13. Church door closed before you.
  14. Death.
  15. Seeing rat
  16. Bed-wetting
  17. Broken egg/s

Repent and give your life to christ.

Prayer Points

  1. I stand in the blood of Jesus and l blind every satanic cook and feeders in my dream by fire in the name of Jesus.
  2. Power in the blood of Jesus, flash out every satanic poison, sickness out of my body in Jesus name.
  3. Every evil image representing me at the evil altar, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
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